The Future of Addresses Is Open: Launching OpenAddresses

Street address data is essential infrastructure. Street names, house numbers, zip codes combined with geographic coordinates are the hub that connects digital to physical places. Precisely because of their connecting role, free and open addresses are rocket fuel for civic and commercial innovation.

Many governments have realized this and have published their address datasets under open licenses. OpenAddresses sets out to catalogue these sources, provide tools to make them easier to use, and to build pressure on sources that aren’t open yet.

OpenAddresses is a global repository for open address data. In good open source fashion, OpenAddresses provides a space to collaborate. Today, OpenAddresses is a downloadable archive of address files, it is an API to ingest those address files into your application and, more than anything, it is a place to gather more addresses and create a movement: add your government’s address file and if there isn’t one online yet, petition for it.

The future of addresses is open. Let’s get to work on it here: Download the growing 1.9GB archive of addressesadd address files you know about and use the developer APIs to work with addresses.

— The launch team: Ian Dees, Nick Ingalls, Tom MacWright, Travis Pinley, Alex Barth on March 24, 2014

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